ViewPortMaster 1.6.3

About two weeks ago I have updated VPM to 1.6.3. As usual I fixed some bugs and added new features. Now you can change objects names by editing text objects which will show after command: VMPN.  Also, there is preliminary support for annotation scale of viewports and fixes for GstarCAD and ZWCad. Hopefuly it will run smoothly […]

How to set annotation scale of the viewport with Visual Lisp

With Visual Lisp you can to set many properties of viewports objects but not annotation scale. There is not much resources about it, I found the routine: using lisp to set annotation scale for a viewport which uses ObjectARX to work around lisp limitations but because my lack of C++ skills it didn’t satisfy me. I found out that if the annotation scale of viewport […]

How to find view center point of twisted viewport

In the previous post I described how to set a view center point of the viewport. In this one I will try to explain how to find the right X, Y coordinates in World UCS in twisted viewports. Let’s say we want to set view in the viewport twisted by 60° with view center point in X: 20, […]

Blog migration

Due to some limitation of blogger I decided to move the blog to self-host wordpress with new address It’s so much fun to handle layout with CSS in wordpress :). I put auto redirection code to the blogger, so the past address still works.


What is it for With ViewPortMaster you can simply create rectangular viewports in the model space and then insert them in the layout. App works in Autocad/BricsCAD/ZWCad, also probably soon in GstarCAD (need to find out why it doesn’t work). It depends on OpenDCL (at least in version 8.0) runtime, so before you use VPM, […]

ViewPortMaster 1.6.2

The new version of application has just been released. I’ve added some new features and fixed small bugs. There is a new function to show/hide objects names next to frames and viewports. In the next release I will add functionality to import new names by editing those texts.

New release of ViewPortMaster 1.6.0

Good news everyone! With great help of Kruuger I have fixed few things and added new features. Small app which was designated to do simple things becomes quite big project. For now, because of extensiveness of code it’s getting harder to find bugs and still there is something to do. The new version added few […]

How to set view center point of viewport using Visual Lisp

During development of the ViewPortMaster, I faced the problem of, how to align viewports with defined frames in the model space. Most of the properties, like Height, Width, Insertion point, Scale, can be set with the put functions of VLA-Object ->> autodesk ActiveX resources. Unfortunately there is no property of the view center point. In this post […]