ViewPortMaster 1.6.2

The new version of application has just been released. I’ve added some new features and fixed small bugs. There is a new function to show/hide objects names next to frames and viewports. In the next release I will add functionality to import new names by editing those texts.Also, I’ve added ability to choose the type of objects, I’ve completed the description of the app so you can catch the changes. Thanks to all user feedback it’s getting better and better :). Here is the changelog of the new release:

v 1.6.2 (2015.10.06)

  • – new: show/hide objects names next to frames in the model space and viewports in layouts
  • – new: quick commands: VPMN: show/hide names VPMC: toggle viewports copying option VPMD: toggle display objects frames in layouts
  • – new: keyboard shortcuts in main window: DELETE: “DEL” or “D” EDIT: “E” INSERT: “W” or “R”
  • – fix: reactor functions, application should be more stable under specific circumstances – fix: generating names of imported viewports
  • – fix: minor bugs which I don’t remember now 😉

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