ViewPortMaster 1.6.3

About two weeks ago I have updated VPM to 1.6.3. As usual I fixed some bugs and added new features. Now you can change objects names by editing text objects which will show after command: VMPN.  Also, there is preliminary support for annotation scale of viewports and fixes for GstarCAD and ZWCad. Hopefuly it will run smoothly on those platforms. Full changelog in the app page. I need to update the page with description of new features but I have not much spare time right now.


  • Rob Froeling Reply

    I have OpenDCL runtime installed. OS = Windos 10, AutoCAD 2017. VPM version 1.6.3 won’t run, claims OpenDCL is not installed. What do I have to do to make it work again?

    • benjamin Reply

      Hi Rob! I had the same problem. It fixed it for me to install the newer Open DCL Version, the development build instead of the stable build.

  • Marcin Ciechomski Reply

    Hi, I have to look closer to it. In next week I’m going to return to app development and I will try to fix it.

  • benjamin Reply

    Hey! I really really like your app! I use it in Bricscad v16, but unfortunately i cant get the viewport to update the changed rectangle in the model view. Is this a know issue?

    • benjamin Reply

      I just somehow fixed it. I had 2 poly rectangles on the same layer over each other, he didnt like that.
      But even with that problem aside sometimes he loses the connections to the model layout.
      Is there a way to make an option to force update the connections?

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